Take a Number System


Take a Number System

Our range of non-computerized Take a Number systems has been specially designed to direct your customers towards available service areas.

These systems manage customer arrival order by allocating them a numbered ticket, taking into account their choice of service pre-selected at arrival time.

Thus your customer will be reassured and informed of their status while waiting for their turn.

Thus you ensure your customers a quiet and stress-free wait by ensuring consideration of their order of arrival.

This type of system is suitable if you wish to improve your customers’ waiting time, allowing you to inform them in a precise and reassuring manner.

Our systems will quickly become an essential tool in managing your customer flow

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What our Client Say about Us

To this day, customer satisfaction has been Electronique MicroTech Canada Inc brand image, in both product development and customer service.

  • ""Thanks again for your prompt responses. ... Keep up with the good work.""

    Hayden, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies, March 2007 (Finance) space
  • "The after sales service is what is important. ... Thank you for the excellent service."

    Carolle, Montreal, March 2007 (Health)
  • "To know that in case of a problem I can be in contact with a customer consultant without leaving the automatic teller machine is reassuring; I do not feel completely alone in front of the machine."

    Mr. Tremblay of Montreal