Survey Management System


In oredr to maintain *excellence* when it comes to product quality, service; in order to maintain a close business relationship with your customers based trust…

Put an end standard customer feedback meathods…

  • No more filling out forms
  • Precise flow analysis


  • Very performant and essential management tool
  • Manages comments in real time to them be conveyed to the statistical module
  • Real time statistical module
  • Very constructive for your company
  • Personalize your service and improves your customers service and therefore distinguishes you from others!

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What our Client Say about Us

To this day, customer satisfaction has been Electronique MicroTech Canada Inc brand image, in both product development and customer service.

  • ""Thanks again for your prompt responses. ... Keep up with the good work.""

    Hayden, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies, March 2007 (Finance) space
  • "The after sales service is what is important. ... Thank you for the excellent service."

    Carolle, Montreal, March 2007 (Health)
  • "To know that in case of a problem I can be in contact with a customer consultant without leaving the automatic teller machine is reassuring; I do not feel completely alone in front of the machine."

    Mr. Tremblay of Montreal