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Computerized Systems

Our computerized product offering is the most complete to date.

It is a powerful tool composed of a customizable base system with a software interface which includes a variety of modules.

It is a multi-service system specially designed for customer service counters, wickets or desks providing one or multiple services. Due to the system’s flexibility, it is capable of fulfilling the simplest to the most sophisticated requirements.

With a ticket obtained at the reception from a numbered ticket issuing printer after selecting the appropriate service, waiting customers are directed towards the various service areas according to the number called.

The constant progress information on the various services contributes to creating a calm environment by avoiding unaccounted delays and contention amongst customers.

Consequently your image will emerge as organized, professional and concerned with the well-being of your customers.

Of all the additional modules, the statistics module proves to be an excellent tool for offline historical analysis of past activity, in the form of reports and graphs.

As for our real time supervisor module, it will inform and assist you through immediate decision-making.

System Advantages:
  • Better management and optimization of waiting time in real time
  • Precise flow analysis
  • Information on service time and waiting time
  • Improved allocation of human resources: where each agent is able to maximize their skills
  • Efficient tools, for example to measure performance relating to the impact of advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Production of customer visit reports which can be used, for example, to analyze sales patterns
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • And many more advantages.
Non-Computerized System

Our range of non-computerized systems has been specially designed to direct your customers towards available service areas.

These systems manage customer arrival order by allocating them a numbered ticket, taking into account their choice of service pre-selected at arrival time.

Thus your customer will be reassured and informed of their status while waiting for their turn.

Thus you ensure your customers a quiet and stress-free wait by ensuring consideration of their order of arrival.

This type of system is suitable if you wish to improve your customers’ waiting time, allowing you to inform them in a precise and reassuring manner.

Our systems will quickly become an essential tool in managing your customer flow.

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